UX Writing

Business problem: Wish wanted to launch a collection of products generally known as "dupes." However, they wanted to build a differentiated style to help establish a unique brand identity and mitigate the risk of infringement. The company also needed a way to emphasize product quality without actually using the word "quality."

Solution: I named the program "Wish's Value Alternatives" to emphasize quality and affordability. Throughout the app, I deliberately avoided using terms like 'replica' or 'counterfeit,' and instead, highlighted the program's capacity to provide sought-after products at a reduced cost. Below are just a few of the examples I wrote ensuring a cohesive message across several touchpoints.  Notably, in order to emphasize quality, I used words like "top-notch" and "selected for excellence."

In-app micro copy

Business problem: The team at Wish wanted to test out using small banners with microcopy instead of the flashy large marketing banners which prevented users from seeing the new features on their feeds. Yet, rather than opting for conventional, straightforward UX language, they still craved vibrant, marketing-driven copy.

Solution:  I worked on weaving concise and engaging narratives to showcase the diverse range of items available on the platform. By infusing the banners with captivating copy, I aimed to not only grab users' attention but also provide them with an immersive and enjoyable browsing experience.