Email copy & push notifications

Wish Churned User Email Campaign

Task: Re-engage churned users with an incentive email

Solution: I worked with our design team to revamp the traditional emails into something more visually impactful. For the copy, I chose a tone that felt personal to users and also added in a section that addressed past concerns.  


Email CTR: +202% in US and +59% in ROW (rest of world), Push CTR: +88% in US and +35% in ROW
Buyers: +10% in US, and +15% in ROW
ROI on Incentives: 11.2 in US and 9.66 in ROW

Additional email examples

Holiday Campaigns

Wish After Dark

To introduce the company's sexual wellness launch, maintaining a subtle approach in the email was crucial, given the company's prior absence of communication on this category to its consumers. I curated a tone that aimed to evoke empowerment while effectively conveying the privacy features offered by the company.