Content Strategy & Brand Voice

Wish - France churned user campiagn

Challenge: In November 2021, the Wish app was banned in France. The ban was lifted in 2023, and I developed the first set of messaging intended to revive buyers who had not purchased for over a year. I focused on alleviations to common concerns and a tone that resonates with consumers in the country.

Wish - USA campaign

Challenge: Wish, headquartered in San Francisco, has often been perceived as a Chinese-based company. I faced the task of crafting messaging that emphasized the company's American roots without appearing overly assertive. I came up with a "global passport" concept, spotlighting not only the company's US origin but also showcasing access to a diverse array of products worldwide, extending beyond China.

Wish - Brand Voice Refresh

In 2023, Wish shifted its focus away from Gen Z to Millennials and Gen X. In order to develop new copy guidelines, I led a team through a global deep dive, focusing on how these demographics grew up, cultural influencers, traits, vocabulary, and more.


  • Updated global brand voice attributes/personality traits
  • Brand voice dos and don'ts list
  • New messaging strategy focused on communicating value and improved features

Google SEO Search Results

As part of the brand voice refresh, I updated the search results copy for the company to focus on the new content strategy of emphazing improvements and value to the consumer.



Campaign Messsaging - Wishmas

Wish wanted to host a differentiated sale in the retail space and came up with Wishmas. I led the messaging strategy, including the campiagn story, phrases to use, and unique selling propositions to highlight. Below are samples of copy I wrote for the campaign for various platforms. 

Campaign Messsaging - Wish Anniversary Sale

For Wish's inaugural anniversary sale, I lead the copywriting team in crafting content for a variety of platforms, ensuring consistent messaging and voice tone.