B2B Articles - Small Business

Wish customers have the option to deliver their orders from the app to participating stores. I profiled the incredible stories of several entrepreneurs and the impact the program had on their business. 

Outside of writing articles for the Wish Local blog, I was able to utilize my tech-savvy skills and migrated the entire blog from Wordpress to Hubspot without engineering support; learned DNS processes in order to instruct the SRE team; and, oversaw the creation of 7 multi-language variations.

B2B Articles - Beauty

As one of two in-house writers at Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), I was responsible for sourcing my own stories, building connections for industry scoops, and writing articles for a newsletter that was sent out to subscribers 5 days a week.

Research Articles - Beauty

I crafted SEO-focused articles for Treehugger, a leading environmental website, aimed at optimizing search visibility and engaging a broad audience. This involved conducting thorough research to ensure the accuracy and credibility of content and incorporating footnotes to provide transparency and enhance reader trust.