Print, app & social media ads

Wish in-app banner ads

In formulating the content strategy for Wish's homepage ads, I paid careful attention to crafting compelling messaging that conveyed the value proposition of the collections concisely and persuasively. This involved distilling key selling points into catchy phrases and headlines that would resonate with users and compel them to take action.

In-store banner ads, direct mailers, and coupons

Wish soft-launched the Wish Local Referral Program to its global store network, and I was responsible for writing all of the materials to encourage engagement among shoppers in the physical stores. Stores were equipped with flyers, handout cards, and social media assets containing unique QR codes and links that brought users to Wish’s Deals Hub. To ensure the copy grabs attention, I crafted it to be concise, easy to scan, and memorable. Additionally, I enhanced the call-to-action (CTA) text above the QR code to encourage prompt action. These unique materials allowed the company to track individual store referrals and understand buyer journeys. Early results:

  • 800 stores have started referring shoppers to Wish
  • 75% of referred users are new to Wish

House of Creus One-Pager

For House of Creus, a startup essential oil company, I developed an educational one-page resource to highlight product benefits and establish trust. This included all the copy and design work. Pioneering the conceptual framework, I integrated testimonials and visually engaging graphics to enhance comprehension and accessibility.

Wish After Dark

For Wish's expansion of its sexual wellness category, I was tasked with creating cheeky ad copy to bring the campaign to life in a playful way.

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Gift Guide Campaign

Wish’s much anticipated holiday Gift Guide aimed to showcase the diverse and budget-friendly range of products available to shoppers. The designs sprang to life through a vibrant fusion of lively colors, bold typography, and imagery embodying various gifting personas. In crafting the copy, my focus was on resonating with the core reasons behind exploring a gift guide—capturing attention with unique discoveries and inspiring ideas for gifts. The assets appeared across major platforms including Spotify, Meta, and Google.