Performance Marketing

Whatnot - Performance Ads

Whatnot is a live shopping app with diverse fan communities like Funko Pop, Pokémon, sports cards, antiques, and beyond. I've produced tailored performance marketing content to engage and captivate new audiences after collecting robust audience persona information. Moreover, I worked on executing A/B testing initiatives to optimize value propositions specifically tailored to Whatnot's target demographics. This included developing captions and intro hooks for videos.

    Whatnot Video Ads - "Hooks"

    In my role, I focused on crafting captivating hooks designed to inspire click-throughs and instantly grab the audience's attention. Through a strategic blend of intrigue and captivation, my aim was to reel the user in and keep them watching to learn more.

    Wish - Performance Ads

    For performance ads, I focus on conversion-oriented copywriting and work closely with the marketing team to blend data, research, and creative thinking to inspire click-throughs. For example, paid ad examples are seen below from Wish's "Wishmas" campaign.  I worked on crafting compelling text that not only captured the essence of the video's visual elements but also strongly emphasized the user benefit, namely substantial savings. The company saw exceptionally high CTR,
    and the ads contributed 38% of the total GMV during Wishmas.

      Performance ads - Product Descriptions Testing

      The objective of this initiative was to enhance the user experience for DPA ads on Meta by experimenting with various design, imagery, and copy combinations. I crafted the copy for this experimental campaign, emphasizing clear and concise product names to prevent user confusion. Simultaneously, I infused a playful tone into the product descriptions to add an engaging element.